Crabber J II

Sport Crabbing aboard the Crabber J II just might be the most exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining thing you do on vacation! Well--maybe it’s not the most exhilarating (it's no deadliest catch here!), but you’ll sure have a heck-of-a-great time. Hundreds of families and individuals come back to crab with us year after year because it really is just that fun!

After a short cruise from Shelter Cove Harbour (narrated by your captain so you don’t miss any points of interest or dolphin sightings along the way), the Crabber J II anchors up in the shallow saltwater marshes of Hilton Head Island. Our friendly crew will offer a brief demonstration on how to catch the little critters and then … let the games begin! Each passenger is supplied with their own crabbing equipment and whoever catches the most crabs by the time the bell rings wins the official, world-famous, (and oh-so-coveted) Crabber J t-shirt! 

Cruise schedule varies by season. Reservations required. Please call for more information. 


Dock C, Shelter Cove Harbour