Visitors and residents alike are used to great restaurants on Hilton Head. We first think of Shelter Cove as the marina which was the original development across from Palmetto Dunes and which is home to six top dining establishments with outdoor seating right on the harbor. Each has its own character and feel and all are a pleasure to visit. We have recently opened  Mediterranean Habour Bar and Grill adding to the wide variety of restaurants and services within the harbour. To experience so many really good harborside restaurants within a short walking distance is unique. 

As time passed other establishments joined the active list, most notably perhaps, is Giuseppi’s In the Plaza Shops section. Recognized for their outstanding Italian cuisine and their pizzas are legendary. Tops in popularity for years.

The Mall is now Towne Centre and we all are looking forward to the construction soon of the centerpiece Poseidon Restaurant which is part of the Serg Group and several others which are included on the Towne Centre website. Hilton Head and particularly the Shelter Cove Community is anxiously watching the progress of the new Towne Center and we are confident it will be a spectacular addition to the island. 

Take some time to visit Towne Centre, check the parks, walk around the harbor, stop in the shops and plan a meal, to round out a very memorable day. We look forward to your visit and assure you that your concept of Shelter Cove will certainly change.