Poppies is a bronze statue of an elderly gentleman and veteran, which will soon be located in the Veterans Memorial Park. The statue is called "Poppies" because of the flowers he holds symbolizing Memorial Day. His cap reads "South Carolina".  The sculptor, Sandy Proctor, hopes to place a unique version of this statue in each state and we are honored to welcome "Poppies" to our island.

The story is told in the Island Packet below, and we plan on updating the process of restoration and placement in the park for the dedication on Memorial Day, May 25.  It is a story of vision, sad loss and great gain through the cooperation and universal approval by several governing and private groups.

In the end, Poppies was a gift to the Town from several generous sources who wanted to do the right thing.  As time goes by we will view old pictures of friends and our kids sitting with "Poppies" on the bench. We might also remember him as an old Veteran, representing to the rest of us the sacrifices they all made to protect the freedom we enjoy today.

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