Shelter Cove History

The Shelter Cove Community has evolved since 1980 from the creation of a harbor and the subsequent Mediterranean style shops and restaurants. For those interested in the history of the development and the steps taken over the years to arrive at this ”gem” it is best left to several sources who have graciously allowed us to link to their information.

Shelter Cove Timeline

  • 1967 Investors from Greenwood SC formed Palmetto Dunes Development Corp.
  • 1968 Robert Trent Jones course and lagoon system built in Palmetto Dunes
  • 1971 Phipps Land Co. became partner
  • 1972 Phipps took over and name changed to Palmetto Dunes Resort, Robert Onorato, President.
  • 1976 Hyatt of Hilton Head hotel built on beach (now Marriot)
  • 1979 Phipps sold to Greenwood.
  • 1980 Removal of 980,000 cubic yards to add to beach and create Shelter Cove
  • 1982 Covenants for the creation of the Shelter Cove Harbour Company
  • 1983 First docks open
  • 1988 The Mall at Shelter Cove opened
  • 2013 Shelter Cove Towne Centre Opened

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