The Bird Pond


Hidden for years behind formerly untended Crepe Myrtles and underbrush is a retention pond originally built for the Mall at Shelter Cove. Over the years it has become a sanctuary for many of our local bird species, most prominent often being the many white ibis. At times hundreds find shelter around the pond which also is home to an alligator, ducks and numerous wading birds. 

Efforts have been made to protect this site. With the cooperation and assistance of The Town Center, The Town of Hilton Head, the Audubon Society, the Shelter Cove Harbour Company and local residents, the hope is to help the pond continue to coexist in its new environment become an important feature of the newly developed area.

Please check behind Kroger towards the marsh and Broad Creek. Dusk is a good time to see who is spending the night. We think you will agree that it is worth saving.The picture above was taken in January 2013 during construction nearby.