SHELTER COVE, Hilton Head ISlanD

Throughout the Shelter Cove Community are places and things you might not know about. Some have been here for years and some are coming soon. The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina and the Art League’s Greer Gallery are mainstays in Shelter Cove and every effort is being made to insure their survival for years to come.


Most of us are familiar with the Neptune Statue which greets visitors at the main pedestrian entrance to the harbour area. It was recently rededicated on its 30th birthday. 

The Stage at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina is the focal point for the frequent performances, many enjoyed by the kids who love to visit.

Stepping back a little from the Marina itself and the beauty of the scene, the inquisitive might find the statue of the Mermaid who is just outside a mini park where one can quietly relax for a few minutes.

Just north of the marina and harbour is the new fueling station which is part of the overall development of Shelter Cove Towne Centre. The Kroger store is amazing and frequented by the locals. Many new shops and restaurants have opened throughout 2014 and 2015.

Between Towne Centre Drive and the Broad Creek is the new Shelter Cove Community Park which has moved from its old location and officially opened April 1, 2015. The Bird Pond remains and efforts have been made to protect it. The Veterans Memorial Park remains at its present location and is worth some time for a visit.

Continuing past the Whole Foods location is a site few have known exists and still fewer have visited. It is a traditional island native cemetery and was in existence long before any of its surroundings were ever thought of. It is a quiet restful place which evokes both thoughts and questions about life here many years ago. 

Peaceful may not describe the lives they lived but it perfectly describes the place where they rest.

Explore a little and you will be surprised at how much there is to find in Shelter Cove. It is a special place and those who love it at first sight grow to love it more as time goes by.